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Audiobooks.net is a great destination for value audiobooks from some of the worlds most celebrated authors. Members can choose from either purchase, download or rental membership options, with all membership types having access to a large collection of libraries of books, podcasts, comedy shows and other digital media. In order to ensure Audiobooks.net customers are provided with the best quality in all products, the service is partnered with Audible and Simply Audiobooks, meaning all of its download-purchase and rental products are delivered through these partner sites. Both of these services rank highly within our reviews for this category, meaning you can be sure that the products you receive are of excellent quality and at a great price.

One of the best elements of the Audiobooks.net service is the sheer amount of choice that users can enjoy. Members have access to more than 22,000 CD titles (which can be purchased and delivered straight to their home address), the same number of rental titles and more than 40,000 downloadable products delivered through its partner site, Audible.com. All purchases are offered at considerable discount, with users being able to pick up audiobooks and other audio products at between 10% and 25% off the recommended retail price in almost all cases. Our readers will also be pleased to know that the Audiobooks.net service offers members a number of free downloadable audiobooks (many of which are re-mastered classic books from some of the world’s most recognised authors), which are available to download alongside other products immediately after signing up.

Creating an account with Audiobooks.net is easy and straightforward, with members being able to get started ordering and downloading books in matter of minutes. While the site undoubtedly lacks the polish of some of the more advanced services we have reviewed within this category, such as iTunes or Audible, as the service links up to Audible and Simply Audiobooks in providing some of its products, the quality of the downloads and CD’s is still excellent. Searching for books using the service is straightforward too, with members being able to check out a wide range of genres and categories depending on where their interests lie, with each category containing a wide number of bestselling books and new releases.

Although this service is undoubtedly not one of the more well-known services we have reviewed, existing customers report a strong and solid service with great products and excellent customer service. If Audiobooks.net sounds right for you, head over to the site and check out exactly what’s on offer today!

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