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Audiobooks Corner is a great, independent audiobook download website that offers members a great instant-access download service covering many of the most popular bestsellers. Audiobooks Corner prides itself on being a ‘no fuss’ service, users can simply log on and start buying the audiobooks that they like the look of without the need to download additional software, repeatedly enter bank or credit card details or wait for items to be delivered. In just a few clicks users can be enjoying some of the best quality audiobooks available anywhere online – great stuff!

Firstly, it’s important to note that Audiobooks Corner is a download only site, and does not offer customers CD-based audiobooks, nor does it offer any form of rental service (see other reviews in this category if you’re looking for websites offering either of these services). As such, members simply log on to Audiobooks Corner, search for the book they’re looking for by title, author, genre, keyword or category, and download it in a matter of minutes. The resultant audio files are compatible with almost every device currently on the market (most importantly, this includes all major brands including iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod and many more), meaning it’s never been easier to take your purchases on the go.

The size of the Audiobooks Corner library, at 16,000 individual titles, is a little disappointing. While were sure the service offers users the best in new releases and classic books, we can’t help but feel that the size of the offering at other services, such as iTunes or Audible.com (where the library of available titles is well over 100,000 in both cases) is a good deal better. With the size of the library of titles being obviously linked with the ability of users to find the titles they are looking for (especially where these are obscure!), it’s a shame that this service can’t quite compete with some others in this category. The process of downloading is however, straightforward, and we were pleased to see that the service integrates directly with existing programs on both Mac and Windows machines to make it easy to play and transfer purchases.

While Audiobooks Corner does not offer users a monthly subscription plan, but rather charges on a “pay as you go” basis, the cost of the service is still worth considering. Books retail from around $5 a time, although many of the more up-to-date or popular titles are charged at a great deal more than this and in many cases more than the equivalent books on iTunes or Audible. This is certainly something that needs consideration if the site wants to provide a competitive yet quality service. There are, however, a great number of ongoing promotions and special offers that help to reduce the cost of using Audiobooks Corner, which should be borne in mind when deciding whether to give the service a go.

While Audiobooks Corner might not be quite as advanced as iTunes or Audible, it remains a good choice if you want to pick up good quality audiobooks with little effort. As there’s no membership fee, why not check out this site before making your next purchase?

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