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Audible.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and is one of the most recognisable online brands for digital media, audiobooks, e-books and more.With one of the strongest reputations and one of the greatest market shares going in this competitive market, it’s little surprise that Audible.com made its way to the top spot in our top ten for this category. Fundamentally, we were impressed by pretty much everything on offer here – the choice of books, the quality and the price were all perfect; and the number of special offers and promotions ongoing throughout the year mean this service is accessible even for those on relatively tight budgets.

Furthermore, with the range of membership and subscription options on offer (as well as pay-as-you-listen options too), members can receive an audiobook (or two!) every month at a reduced rate, perfect for those who steadily make their way through books whilst travelling or commuting into work. If you’re interesting in finding out more about the Audible.com service, read on and hit the link at the bottom of the page to sign up today!

  Audible.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and is one of the most recognisable online brands for digital media, audiobooks, e-books and more.  

In essence, Audible.com works in exactly the same way as other online (downloadable) digital media retailers, such as iTunes, Amazon or Play Digital. Members simply log in and use the easy search function to find what they are looking for, head for the checkout (after listening to a sample if they wish), buy and download all in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of this service is one of its key selling points and certainly something that we think our readers are going to be impressed with. What’s more, by joining this service you also join a community of literally millions of users worldwide who have already discovered how easy it is to receive information, entertainment and knowledge in a new and exciting way.

One of the major draws of a service like Audible.com (aided in no small way by the support of its parent company, Amazon) is the sheer size of the libraries on offer to download. Members can choose from more than 100,000 titles in the audiobooks section alone, ranging from re-mastered versions of old classics to the newest releases.

All of the audiobooks on offer at Audible.com are read by professional (or celebrity) narrators, so the quality of the performance is usually superb. The quality of a recording is more important than you would think – not only is it annoying when the recording you are listening to is jumpy and crackly, your enjoyment of the book itself can be hugely improved by the tone, inflection and style of the reader and this is where Audible.com really comes into its own. As well as a wide catalog of audibooks, Audible.com also provides its members with a vast collection of audio-recorded, digitally downloadable magazines, podcasts, radio shows, speeches, stand-up comedy and more, meaning whatever you’re into, there’s definitely something perfect for you at Audible.com.

Adaptability and portability are the two basic mainstays of digital books and media, and in both, Audible.com offers users a great deal. These days, users want to be able to transfer their purchases quickly and easily to their portable devices (be it laptops, mobile phones, iPods, iPads or any other device) and listen to them on the go without any compatibility problems at all. Audible makes this easy. Following a speedy one-time-only software download (if you don’t already have itunes that is, which can also be used), all purchased media can be quickly and easily moved between your computer and any of the devices supported by Audible (which are more than 500 in number and include all major brands and products).

  All of the audiobooks on offer at Audible.com are read by professional (or celebrity) narrators, so the quality of the performance is usually superb.  

As well as a wide collection of books and other media, Audible.com also offers loads of great additional features that make the site a joy to use. Users can sample any product by hitting the green “Play” button and also check out their past purchases by using the “My Library” function. Users can also join the member email network to ensure they are in the know about new releases, discounts, promotions and sales all year round. Also, if you have an iPhone or Android, you can also use the Audible app to browse, buy and listen all without having to sit down with a computer at all – great stuff! Finally, all members have access to a great customer care helpline and huge selection of FAQs to ensure any problems are swiftly and easily dealt with.

Audible.com offers new users the opportunity to pick from a wide range of different subscription options that are suitable for a range of budgets and needs. Gold and Platinum subscriptions are on offer, that allow members one or two credits per month (respectively) or the same amount of credits in one lump sum for an annual payment. Credits can be used to purchase any product on Audible.com, with all audiobooks (with a few minor exclusions) being one credit each to purchase. Those who don’t wish to pay for a subscription can opt for pay-as-you-buy membership, where you simply pick and pay for the books you want – as many, or as few as you like.

All in all, Audible.com is a fantastic service that offers not only one of the best and most expansive libraries of books and digital media but also a great range of additional features and fantastic customer service. We were hugely impressed by the whole Audible.com package and suggest that all of our audiobook-loving readers head over to check out what’s on offer! Enjoy!

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