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Please note that The Audiobookstore has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of The Audiobookstore below, or check out the rest of the Audiobook Websites we've reviewed.

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The Audiobookstore Review

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The Audiobookstore is a dedicated online retail location for audiobooks, letting customers worldwide pick and choose from one of the largest collections of audiobooks anywhere online. With more than 120,000 different titles available, members of The Audiobookstore really are spoilt for choice, regardless of what genres or which authors interest them in particular. What’s more, users can decide the manner in which their purchases are delivered – either instantly using the downloadable audiobook option, or sent in the post in CD format. This flexibility, along with the sheer breadth of choice, is what we have come to expect from services ranking highly in this category, so it was great to see this combination of features on offer at The Audiobookstore!

Members of The Audiobookstore can choose between rental membership or purchase membership, giving them the option to decide how much or how little they use the site and what they are prepared to pay for the privilege. Purchase membership is charged on an ‘a la carte’ basis, that is, members simply pay for the books they buy and afterwards, the books are theirs to keep (as you would expect!). Rental membership is different, and for just $17.98 per month, users have access to an unlimited selection of audiobooks. Although members can only rent one audiobook at a time, there’s no monthly cap and no due dates, so members can take as long as they like to complete a book with no risk of a financial penalty. Whilst some users will obviously prefer the purchase option, others will enjoy the flexibility and variety offered by rental membership. At The Audiobookstore, therefore, there really is something for everyone!

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a service like The Audiobookstore is that customers have access to one of the largest libraries of purchaseable and rentable audiobooks and audio programs available on the internet. With more than 120,000 products in total, spanning a number of categories and genres, members would have to try hard to be disappointed by this service. Also, because The Audiobookstore is well-established in the audiobook market, it has the opportunity to sell the latest bestsellers either at the same time as the book appears in print in stores, or shortly after, meaning it’s never a long wait to get the newest “big thing” when you’re a member of The Audiobookstore.

As The Audiobookstore is a partner site of Audible.com, customers can expect not only great quality audiobooks, but also a range of additional features and special offers throughout their membership of the site. Members can use a free audiobook manager that, after a quick software download, helps users to organize and catalogue their purchases to make them easier to find and play. Furthermore, all members receive a regular monthly newsletter that gives details of the newest releases as well as a host of special offers. Finally, extensive FAQs and great customer support ensure that if you have any problems whilst using the site, a solution shouldn’t be far away.

The Audiobookstore is a great option for those users looking for a range of membership options and a wide selection of books to choose from. What’s more, because the service is supported by Audible.com (as an Audible partner site), users are guaranteed a great service and a high quality product, too. If this sounds right for you, be sure to head over to The Audiobookstore and check it out!

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Please note that The Audiobookstore has now been discontinued.

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