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Love this except the return policy
17 February 2016
Reviewer: Dj from Oregon

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I have been enrolled with Audible for several years now and must agree with all the previous reviews in that the selection and technology is terrific! Have no complaints about that.

Let it be said, I buy quite a few books...at least 6 or 8 a month. The credits are handy for this.

However I am also pretty picky about what I spend my time listening to. Therefore I have had to return books quite often when they don't live up to the description given. The question is how often is too often? I average about two a month that I return. Is that too much? Based on the volume of purchases that I don't return, I would think not.

Sad to say, I have hit the point where I can no longer return using the traditional return route and must now call customer service to do so with the clear threat they may cancel my membership.

I believe this is harsh and unnecessary and am very unhappy about this.

Other than that, they are the best for audio books.....just don't get picky.

In summary, I would recommend Audible to a friend.

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