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Avoid This Company
18 December 2014
Reviewer: Chandler from Atlanta

196 of 369 people found this review helpful

I've used this service for a while now and am about to end the service due to the following issues:

- Exceedingly long shipping and mailing times, 6 - 8 days most of the time. And if they don't receive a title returned, they want you to wait 9 business days before they will ship you something else.
- They have titles listed in their inventory, but for many when you add them to your queue, they are listed as coming soon. I have several on my list that have been in the coming soon stage for months.
- They have a terrible habit of not completing a series. So you may be able to get books 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 they don't have.
- Inquiries made via "contact us" on their web site site go completely unanswered, regardless of the topic.
- In a 2 part book, they will ship you the 2nd half first unless you lock the 2nd one down to not ship before the first one.

This company could be a good one, but they obviously choose not to be. Avoid them, there are much better options for the same or less money.

In summary, I would not recommend Simply Audiobooks to a friend.

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They are con artists!!!!!
29 August 2014
Reviewer: Toropcheh from Florida, USA

153 of 334 people found this review helpful

You can order an audiobook and they don't even TELL you if they have it in stock, so you could be waiting for months to know whether or not what you paid will actually deliver you an audiobook. What a scam!!! And to have the audacity to charge the buyer NINE dollars for shipping, for priority mail, when really you have no confirmation as to whether the item will ever be sent to you. Shameful!

Simply audiobooks, your system is disgraceful. Can't wait to get my refund and make sure nobody I know goes through your website.

In summary, I would not recommend Simply Audiobooks to a friend.

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Simply Audiobooks customer review
27 June 2012
Reviewer: T Taylor from Northern Virginia

216 of 419 people found this review helpful

I have tried Simply Audiobooks mail CD rental service for a few months, not the download service. The size of the library is good, but not great. The condition of the CD's is better than the audio books at a public library, but are not in new condition. There are definitely skips and unlistenable sections.

By far the worst part of the service is the turnaround time. They send out emails to confirm receiving returned audio books. They all begin "we received the audio book that you returned today...", but the emails are sent out in the early morning. Clearly they received the audio book the previous day, if not earlier. And it usually takes another full day after the first email to get an email saying the next audio book has shipped, so about 2 full days turnaround. Too, shipping times seem unusually long for first class mail, which is how the audio books ship. I suspect this foot dragging is a deliberate effort to get people to upgrade memberships to the 3 or 4 at a time level.

Another bad thing is that they do not ship audio books in the same order as the prioritized queue that you set... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Simply Audiobooks to a friend.

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A rip off!
09 February 2012
Reviewer: A little annoyed from Los Angeles

228 of 422 people found this review helpful

I received a 3 month membership as a gift. I received 3 books (total) in 3 months. VERY slow turn around considering it took me about 3 days or less to listen to each book, and I promptly returned each one.

The real problem was that, in order to begin the account, I had to put in credit card information. The website stated it would not be charged, however. It did NOT state that this gift card membership would turn into a permanent membership automatically. Much to my dismay, I got charged following the gift membership. $15/month for about 1 book a month is sooo not worth it. I could buy the books cheaper at Costco.

Then, I had to call the company to cancel, it couldn't be done online. But since the company is only open until 3:00 pm, it required me to use work time to call. The whole service experience was TERRIBLE!

In summary, I would not recommend Simply Audiobooks to a friend.

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